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In Loving Memory of Raymond Jackson Thibeault

Raymond Jackson Thibeault, 20, passed from this life on July 22, 2020, from an accidental fentanyl overdose. He was a cherished son of Raymond & Dineen Thibeault, and the soul mate of his twin brother Remy John Thibeault.
Raymond was young, bright and talented. Full of love, compassion and acceptance. He carried, with pride, the name of his father and grandfather.
Every single memory of Raymond is shared with his brother, Remy. They were inseparably bonded. Raymond's love of family and friends was shared equally with his love for music and theatre. He was a bright light on the Academy Players' stage and brought passion and vitality to each performance as a member of the Company Cast. He will always be remembered for his chilling performance in Jekyll and Hyde, in which he played opposite his brother, Remy.
If Raymond wasn't performing on stage, he was serenading and entertaining all who had the privilege to share his beautiful life.
Fly high sweet Raymond~

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