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 Finding Support 

We are here to support...


Individuals struggling with substance use disorder


Families with a loved one struggling with substance use disorder


Families grieving from loss

We understand firsthand the importance of being able to reach out for support when you are dealing with a loved one who is struggling with Substance Use Disorder and/or have co-occurring mental health challenges. We are available to provide one to one support and assistance.  We will connect you to another family member who has been through similar experiences and who can provide mutual support and help connect you to information and resources that can help you and your loved one.  We have experienced losing a loved one to opioid overdose and we are for you.  If you are in need of individual support as a family member, please call us at 401-462-2773.
The Family Task Force is committed to promoting and partnering with family support groups across the state who are providing support, education and resources to family members of individuals with active opioid or active substance use, who are in recovery, or who have lost a loved one to opioids or substance use.  We are always open to learning about new family support groups.  We are interested in assisting family support groups to get started in your community.


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